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Outdoor Advertising

Make an impression

Target your audience with visible and prominent advertising. We have a comprehensive and complete range of outdoor advertising solutions, such as billboard advertising in Sharjah, and unipole advertising in Sharjah. All shapes, sizes, locations and budgets are catered for. Be it a high visibility or high impact campaign or both, we package it all to fit all requirements.

Broadcast to the nation
You’ve got something to say, so why not shout it from the rooftops so everyone can hear? Our rooftop hoardings benefit from the fact that the UAE is dominated by skyscrapers and most people have their gaze fixed on the skyline. Use this to your advantage with a striking promotional campaign to capture the imagination, and steal the attention from the skyscrapers. We offer rooftop advertising in Dubai and Sharjah.
Wall Banners
Announce yourself
Available as both front and back lit option, our wall banners adorn some of the most prestigious buildings in the Emirates. Be remembered, be seen. Wall banners are also produced in various sizes consistent with the chosen site requirements. Announce yourself to the world.
Make a statement
A roadside billboard/unipole has a massive impact in every kind of campaign. From product launches, brand awareness and promotional offers to long-term media campaigns, they are a must have. These unipoles are either front-lit or back-lit and situated in the best locations nationally, to catch the eye of thousands daily. We offer unipole advertising in Sharjah and billboard advertising in Sharjah
Scaffolding /Hoardings
Enlighten people
Scaffolding and hoardings are available in large format only, and are front lit. They create the impression of something larger than life, giving your brand the stature it deserves. We create/install /maintain your ads and our team is responsible for turning the formerly average, into the eye-catchingly spectacular. Hoardings can be 3D enabled, and can carry a variety of creative ads. We offer hoarding advertising, vehicle advertising, and scaffolding in Dubai and Sharjah.
Connect with your audience
Lamp-post advertising around the city streets is particularly effective as a means to build brand recall. We have prime locations that witness massive daily traffic across the Emirates. Connect with your audience, brighten up their rush hour traffic jams, you could even tell a progressive story with multiple adverts down the road.
Be pioneering
Strategically placed Megacoms beautify some of the busiest routes throughout the UAE. These attention-grabbing, static signs are omni-directional and at eye level, they allow for a variety of creative solutions and are difficult to miss. Megacoms are one of the most popular methods for modern-day advertising in the UAE.
Neon Signs
Shine bright
Neon lights are perfect for those operating by night. Restaurants, cafés, bars, cinemas and nightclubs all benefit from neon lighting. Customise your sign with our service, and choose from an array of colors to help your establishment illuminate the night.
Vehicle Graphics
Because you’re always representing
Ensure that your company vehicles carry your brand message in uniform. A company fleet represents the brand in the strongest possible terms, and it is imperative that the impression given is first class. All designs can be produced in-house and applied to your vehicles.
Custom-made Signage
For opportunity to knock, you must first build a door
At 7G we can create fully customised, unique and beautifully crafted signage for your business. Your brand and its signage should be bold, proud, and allow you to stand out from your competitors. We like to think of our team as an ideas factory, and like the mail service, we always deliver…
Shops Window Graphics
It’s a window of opportunity
Window graphics are effective, efficient and economic, and if your business has a number of sites, they all must have window graphics in place. There are two types of window displays available, one-way vision or standard. One-way vision allows those looking out, to see out, but those looking in, to see your display. The standard version blocks the windows. These are ideal for shops, coffee shops, restaurants, salons, spas and other small enterprises.
3D Outdoor display
Everything is better in 3D
3D displays are at the top end of sophistication, and help to differentiate your brand from those you leave in your wake. 7G offers the entire 3D process as a package, from concept and ideas, to the production and cutting of your 3D display and finally the placement and execution.
Construction Signage
You’re building something special
Using construction signage allows you to communicate the ongoing and existing projects with those that pass by. We create detailed construction signage which really catches the eye and leaves a lasting, positive impression. This product answers the famous five W’s: Who? What? Where? When? Why? Keep people informed of your progress; they are interested.