Many companies need professional advice and guidance in relation to any marketing campaign they may be planning, and this is something the large number of Outdoor companies in Dubai are beginning to cater for. You see, while the traditional approach may previously have been to simply sell the space and let the chips fall where they may, clients demand and deserve far more now.

Particularly regarding small to medium sized businesses, where a marketing campaign can eat up such a huge percentage of annual cash flow. Consultation, collaboration, strategy and after-care are really integral to the overall role of an agency supplying outdoor advertising in Sharjah, and a failure to provide these aspects efficiently can lead to a worthless media campaign, costing the client money, and costing the agency return business.

The Secret

For large multi-national corporations, vast marketing budgets make it far easier to be able create marketing campaigns the size of which small and medium sized businesses could only dream about.

This is where a wise, well thought out strategy comes into play. A tight budget should not stand in the way of a far-reaching, effective campaign, and it is in outdoor advertising that smaller businesses are finding they are able to have the most impact.

Outdoor advertising was once thought to be the preserve of the business elite, the giants. But now there are so many different options at different prices to bring the message to the masses, the market has been thrown wide open to those who would previously have thought it unattainable.

Although outdoor advertising is now accessible for all, it means vey little without the right consistency and frequency of the message, as well as the correctly targeted locations.  A well-known mantra within advertising think tanks is that if you tell someone something repeatedly, they will start to believe it. By this school of thought, flashing the same message all over Dubai in a concentrated campaign will most certainly yield results, provided that what you are telling your audience is the right message.

You Need This & You Want This

Finding great locations for a great price is all well and good, but without a message that’s easy to comprehend, it’s not going to do much for you. You need to convince your audience that they want your product or service, and they need your product or service. The more they see the message, the more they will believe. The journey should go from no impact upon the first view, to a sale after around 20 views. That’s the aim.

This is where a credible ad agency will be able to help you. They know the market, they have see what works and what does not, and they will be keen for your campaign to be successful so you come back and use them again, you need to utilise their expertise.

Once you have the right message, and a design that stands out, it’s then all about location and frequency. Research the footfall of your ad locations, find out who will predominantly see the ads. Commuters? Shoppers? Parents? This knowledge holds the key to a successful campaign that yields tangible results.

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