If you think it’s only large firms that can benefit from billboard advertising in Sharjah, you should probably think again.

Here’s why outdoor ads are integral to the marketing strategy of businesses of all sizes:

An Unavoidable Presence

Just because everyone else is doing it, should I do it too? When it comes to advertising, the answer is a resounding yes. Can you afford for all your competitors to get invaluable exposure while you are left in the shadows?

But that’s just half of it. Outdoor advertising in Sharjah is the primary way of getting your brand recognised, and the benefit of it surpasses the advantages offered by online advertising.

The world has become more internet savvy, and as well as being able to skip ads and ignore them when bombarded with them while surfing the web, there are now over 200 million active users of Adblock. This extension or app prevents all banners, Google paid ads, YouTube ads, and all forms of marketing from even making an appearance.

Outdoor advertising can’t be skipped or blocked, it’s always there. And unless the audience elects to drive or walk by with their eyes closed (unlikely), it’s unavoidable.

Credibility by Association

Outdoor advertising helps to build a brand image and reputation very quickly. People make associations sub-consciously each and every day, a common one that relates to advertising is that it is assumed a business that advertises on large billboards must be doing well for itself. Credibility is enhanced before you’ve even got your message through. Also, by making an appearance next door to a big international brand, your image is strengthened further.

Repeat Views

Just seeing an ad once is unlikely to have a lasting effect, however, with such a huge number of commuters taking the same route each day in Dubai, careful placement of outdoor advertising will result in multiple daily views, and an emphasised message.

Spread Your Appeal

Targeted marketing involves perhaps taking out an ad in a magazine related to the industry within which you operate. Outdoor advertising knows no bounds. It is not restricted to a certain demographic. It’s accessible to all. Companies cans sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that their brand and appeal only stretches so far. Why have such a restrictive outlook?

“A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” – Steve Jobs

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