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September 22, 2015 in Branding/Advertising

Create a Lasting Impression – Outdoor Advertising in Dubai

As a business looking to make your mark, you could be forgiven for feeling confused when you think about where to place that advertising budget you have mapped out for the year. You have TV, radio, magazines and newspapers, and then of course Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and online media sites. Make an enquiry about one of these avenues and you will undoubtedly be bombarded with a tirade of... Read more
September 6, 2015 in Branding/Advertising

Car Branding and Vehicle Advertising in Dubai Really Works

There are a number of reasons why car branding in Dubai remains not just an integral aspect to any marketing or branding campaign, but actually one of the biggest selling, preferred choices for getting the brand message out there. Of course one of the prime advantages of vehicle advertising in Dubai is the low cost. In comparison to billboards, hoardings and banners, getting a bit of branding... Read more
July 23, 2015 in Branding/Advertising

Why is outdoor advertising so huge in Dubai? Because it works.

If you're an outdoor advertising company in Sharjah or Dubai, you're back, and in a big way. Cast your mind back just two years, when empty billboards adorned the Sheikh Zayed Road and various other prime advertising spots. These were the dark days for the outdoor companies in Dubai. But now, confidence has returned to businesses in most sectors, and the previously conservative annual... Read more
July 8, 2015 in Branding/Advertising

Outdoor Advertising Benefits Companies of all Sizes

If you think it’s only large firms that can benefit from billboard advertising in Sharjah, you should probably think again. Here’s why outdoor ads are integral to the marketing strategy of businesses of all sizes: An Unavoidable Presence Just because everyone else is doing it, should I do it too? When it comes to advertising, the answer is a resounding yes. Can you afford for all your... Read more
June 22, 2015 in Branding/Advertising

7G Outdoor Advertising Launches New Website

7G Outdoor Advertising is set to launch its new-look website to coincide with the introduction of an extensive range of new advertising solutions for the UAE’s top brands. 7G Outdoor Advertising is an arm of 7G Media, a full-service media agency established in Dubai in 2007. Since forming the Outdoor Advertising business, 7G has provided primary sites for outdoor advertising services in... Read more