There are a number of reasons why car branding in Dubai remains not just an integral aspect to any marketing or branding campaign, but actually one of the biggest selling, preferred choices for getting the brand message out there.

Of course one of the prime advantages of vehicle advertising in Dubai is the low cost. In comparison to billboards, hoardings and banners, getting a bit of branding stuck to the side of your car kind of wins every time, particularly if you’re an SME with a tight budget.

But in actual fact, vehicle advertising also lends itself to one of the most prized assets any form of marketing could ever hope to realistically achieve for a company – longevity. This advert you have stuck to your car is never going to go anywhere. It’s not a 30-second commercial on TV, or a one-off full page spread in a monthly magazine. It’s not a billboard ad, which will eventually be replaced by someone else’s ad, it is yours and it is forever.

So when you think about the longevity and the relative inexpensive cost, it seems pretty clear that vehicle advertising should already have your attention. Now the next aspect to think about is that in Dubai, traffic is kind of a big thing. You’ll always be sat in it; you’ll always be seen.


Get something recognisable on the side of your car, and you are guaranteed a large audience each day, there’s simply no avoiding you. If you’re a good driver, you’re not going to be looking at billboards on the side of the road, but you are going to be looking at other cars. If you’re a concerned passenger in the back of a rather reckless taxi driver’s car, you’re not really going to be looking at billboards either, but you are going to be looking at other cars.

You see where we’re going with this. It would be hard to say that vehicle advertising and car branding in Dubai is undervalued, it’s not. But then its value is so profound it’s actually difficult to fully ascertain how well it works until you’ve seen it put into practice. If you’re a business that wants to succeed, and if you’re a business that wants to succeed with some vehicles in your itinerary, get some branding on them. It really does work, you know.